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Fall Prevention

Falls are a serious concern in the Coachella Valley.  According to the most recent Coachella Valley Health Assessment Resource Center Report an estimated 20,000 residents over age 65 reported at least one or more falls with an estimated 6,400 reporting an injury in 2010.  In addition, an estimated 32,000 residents fear falling and limit their activities as a result.  Limitation of activities can actually increase the risk of falling by reducing muscle tone and balance, and leads to isolation.

You do not have to stop doing your favorite things because you are afraid to fall.  The award-winning A Matter of Balance fall prevention course will now be offered not only Mizell, but also at other senior centers and wellness locations around the Coachella Valley.  Watch for upcoming sessions.  You can take control of your life and prevent a devastating fall.

MOB 02A Matter of Balance is an evidence based program for ambulatory individuals who are 50-plus years of age – seniors who are concerned about falling and who, as a result, have restricted their activities.  Regardless, they are willing and able to address the falls problem, and are interested in improving strength, balance and flexibility.  This series of classes has been demonstrated to resolve physical and psychological issues that lead to falls with a combination of education, support group activities and basic core-strength exercises presented in eight two-hour sessions for a small group led by trained facilitators.

This nationally-recognized, award-winning program was conceived, researched and developed at the Roybal Center at Boston University.  It has been evaluated for its effectiveness and is featured as an effective program that follows CDC criteria (CDC Public Health Research).

Significant improvements were found regarding participant levels of falls efficacy, falls management, falls control, exercise and social limitations with regard to concerns about falling.  In our program, 90% of the participants indicate they will engage in a regular exercise program following their completion of the course.

However, we don’t just have you sit in a class.  You will learn practical solutions to overcome your fears of falling as well as receive a MOB 03personalized home inspection with a detailed check list of changes and improvements you can make to have your home be a safer place.

We don’t just stop there.  Mizell Senior Center offers three Improve My Balance classes weekly to help you build your body strength and learn more skills and techniques to keep you active and engaged in the community.

MOB 02

You do not have to be afraid to leave your home and become isolated because of a fear of falling.  You can take control and learn new skills to make your home safer.

For information about our Fall Prevention Program, A Matter of Balance and Improve My Balance, call 760-323-5689.

A Matter of Balance – Graduate Testimonials

  • “This program has changed my life.”
  • “I was isolated in my home for 2 years because I was afraid of falling … now, I am out and about and exercising 2-3 times a week, and meeting new friends!”
  • “I thought this was an exercise class and I am so glad it wasn’t. I needed to understand my fears of falling and this class taught me how.”
  • “I arrived to this course with a walker and now I have graduated to a cane.”
  • “I came to this course using a cane and now I am not using anything.”
  • “Thank goodness for the home assessment. I had no idea how many faulty habits I had.”
  • “I was taught how to fall and I just fell last week … I caught myself with my hands and only broke a small bone in my wrist, versus breaking a hip or my head!”
  • “I feel better than I have in years. Much more confidence.”
  • “I learned about situational awareness through this class and being aware has given me confidence and I am less fearful of falling.”
  • “I can’t describe it, but this class saved my life. I have my independence back!”
  • “After finishing this course, I now understand how it progressively changed my behavior …. Taught me to be more assertive and ask for help when I need it and to slow down when I am bustling around.”


A Matter of Balance – Managing Concerns About Falls

The Mizell classes will be taught by certified trainers.

This important Fall Prevention Program receives primary funding through a grant from the Desert Healthcare District with support from the Auen Foundation and private contributions.

For further information regarding the Mizell classes and classes at other locations around the Coachella Valley, please call Suzanne Spencer, Falls Prevention Program Director at Mizell on 760-323-5689, ext. 110.

New classes start in January 2018

Mondays & Wednesdays: 12:00pm – 2:00pm, for each four-week Course; Cost: $20 members / $30 non-membersMOB 04

Sign-up at the Mizell Ticket Window or call 760-323-5689, ext. 107.  Enrollment is limited so please book early!


Improve My Balance – Exercise Class

Do you find it difficult to stand for a long period of time?  Is your balance less than it used to be?  Do you tire easily by performing a simple task?  Have you completed the  A Matter of Balance course and want to further improve your balance?  Then join us for a 45-minute intensive balance and coordination class taught by Dr. Marc Eisman, D.C., and Stephen Matthews, D.C., using specialized equipment and methods-based on evidence based programs that are globally recognized.

The Improve My Balance classes are a part of our comprehensive exercise and our overall Fall Prevention programming.  Be prepared to have fun, be challenged and improve your balance. A devastating fall could rob you of your retirement years and your independence.  Strengthen your core and learn how to remain active and independent.

This program is partially funded by a generous grant from the Auen Foundation.

Wednesdays & Fridays: 10:00am-10:45am

10 sessions for $40 for members / $60 for non-members; after 10 sessions, 2 are free! Drop-ins welcome: $4 members / $6 non-members.

Sign-up at the Mizell Ticket Window or call 760-323-5689, ext.107



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