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Stars Club Members


Special Thanks to
our Stars Club Members

We wish to recognize the members of the Stars Club and the support
they provide to the programs and services for the seniors of our community.

Diamond Star
Grace Helen Spearman Foundation –  Steve Tobin
Palm Springs Disposal Services –  Rick Wade
Wintec Energy, Ltd. –  Fred Noble

Gold Star
Kathy Block
Contour Dermatology – Lee Erwin & Dr. Tim Jochen
David Demers & Robert Tall

Silver Star
Dr. Scott Adkins & Wonnie Short
Bob & Carrie Allan
Harold Clumeck
Dr. Patti Craine
Raymond Harper, David Hodge & John Long
Elaine Hill & John Schoettler
Andy Linsky
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Levinson
Craig Magaw & Rick Holdway
James Moje & Maurice Minno
Mark Walters & Rick Cassar
John Williams & Jean-Guy Lachance

Bronze Star
Marjorie Conley Aikens
Craig and Michele Borba
Lynn Bourget
Debbie Brandt
Cyma & Leo Cohen
The Community Foundation/ Paula Myles
Todd Dempsey & Michael Sheffer
Drs. Virginia & Ray Eberhard
Cheryl & Bob Fey
Dennis Flaig and Clinton Moore
Chris Foster & Chris O’Hanlon
Dr. Robert Gardiner & Leslie Edwards Gardiner
Melanie Garver &  Dr. Boris Gurevich
Frank Goldstin & Paul Clowers
Judy Gronkowski
Tim Hohmeier & Chuck Diodosio
Rick Hutcheson & Rob Kincaid
Daniel Kiser & Ray Warman
Geoff Kors & James Williamson
Denise Latini & Cleone Knopfle
Mark Marshall
Ann Mostofi
Cheryl O’Callaghan & Lisa Middleton
Dr. Maja Ruetschi
Dr. Diane Ross
Eric Rudolph & Bob Iles
Art Williams & Gene Leone
Josh Zipperman

Rising Star
Ken & Vicki Alterwitz
James Anhalt
Kathi Hallock
Jeannette Happ
Stan Janas
Betty & Steven Levine
Jack Newby & Pete Parker
Nancy Weidman & Tony Blake
Maurice Stephens & Robert Winthrop
Ralph & Barbara Villani

Mizell Senior Center needs your generous support to continue offering programs and services that lead seniors to living healthy, active, and independent lives.
We can’t do it without your help!  For  information on becoming a member of The Stars Club, contact Stacy Maddux at 760-323-5689 x112 or you can click here.

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