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Aunt Betty’s Attic

An important source of income and other resources for the Mizell Senior Center is Aunt Betty’s Attic. Currently, our little store operates from a space that is 21’ by 21’. When we can offer more space, more income will be generated to support the programs and services of the Mizell Senior Center. Opportunities to underwrite this capital project in full or in part will help us toward our goal.

Please contact the Executive Director for more information.

Outreach & Meals on Wheels Van

Although we provide a large number and variety of services to the seniors at our facility, and at  various senior housing facilities in Palm Springs and Cathedral City, we know there are seniors we are not reaching, but who need our services. The purchase of a community outreach van would enable us to visit area shopping centers and mobile home parks to provide information, health, and educational programs to additional seniors in the community.  In addition, our expanded Meals on Wheels Program is now delivering meals from Palm Springs to Salton Sea.  Some of our delivery vehicles log in over 2000 miles each month.  Funding to replace one of our older vehicles that needs repair, and has low gas mileage would help provide more funding directly for the program through reduced operating costs.

Cost: $28,000


Thank You Berger Foundation

The Mizell Senior Center’s traffic has increased as we have made a larger impact on our community’s seniors’ needs. It certainly shows as the carpet has worn in the center. New carpeting will allow a warmer and cozier experience at Mizell.

Cost: $18,000

Stage Lighting and Sound System

Mizell Senior Center produces a number of musical and stage shows through our Seniors on Stage program.  We would be able to produce more “professional” shows with proper lighting and an enhanced sound system.  Our current stage lighting system is “home-made” and does not begin to meet our needs.  In addition, our sound system is over ten (10) years old and has become unreliable.

Cost: $10,000

Dining Room Flooring

The dining floor is covered with carpet. In the dining room, it becomes very difficult to keep spot free. Easy maintained vinyl flooring will solve this problem.

Cost: $7,500

32 inch Flat Panel Television

Would be a replacement for our very old television. We would use the new T.V. to enhance our programs, make presentations, Wii Bowling, show movies, and for social events.

Cost: $600

Bike Rack

    Thank you Gary Kettman & Troy Jackson

More seniors are utilizing two wheeled transportation for fitness and economy. Mizell Senior Center needs a safe and secure way for these fitness minded seniors to lock their bikes.

Cost: $400

Patio Furniture and Pads

We have a beautiful back patio that is perfect for relaxation and lunch during the cooler months.  Unfortunately, our furniture is old, weather beaten, and needs either replacement, or new pads for the chairs.

Cost:  $750

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