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If you’re passionate about making our community a better place and can donate $10 a month, we invite you to join Club 12.

That’s how much it costs to deliver a Meals on Wheels lunch.  That’s all in – food, packaging, kitchen staff, drivers, vehicles, gas, etc.  It’s actually $9.70, but we rounded it up to make it as easy as possible.  Just $10 a month guarantees that a healthy meal will be delivered to a vulnerable senior who really needs it.  And, best of all, your donations will stay right here in the Valley, helping local seniors.

So needs Meals on Wheels?  Well, it’s someone who lives alone and who may be dealing with health issues associated with their age.  It may be difficult for this person to get to the grocery store and harder still to prepare a meal. It’s someone whose family might live elsewhere or they have no family at all to call upon.  Oftentimes, (too often) it’s someone struggling to get by on a very small fixed income.

That’s where we come in…you and the Mizell Center.  Your monthly gift will also support the more than 50 separate activities, classes and creative arts pursuits that make the Mizell Center a destination for more than 60,000 visitors every year.

Club 12 is easy, accessible, and inclusive, offering just about anyone the opportunity to make a real impact, month after month.  It’s designed to be effortless and, we promise, we won’t hound you for more money.  Just $10 or $20 a month, every month is all it takes to improve the quality of life of a senior in our community.   Rise to the occasion!