Delivering 750+ Meals Monday through Friday

Café 480

Until such time as we can fully open, the Café will remain closed for indoor dining. We hope we can welcome everyone back for lunch, conversation and camaraderie soon.

Our popular Lunch To-Go walk-up service is available every weekday from 11:15am to 12:15pm. Stop by to pick up a fresh, nutritious meal at an affordable price. Meals are just $5.00 and additional contributions are always welcome and appreciated.

For those on the Riverside County Senior Congregate Meal Program, a $3.00 contribution is requested for your meal. If you’d like to join the Congregate Meal Program, be sure to mention it the next time you stop by for lunch. A member of our Nutrition Department staff will be happy sign you up on the spot. Be sure to have a photo ID with you.

This Month's Menu

Menu subject to change

Especially during these challenging times products may not be always be available from our suppliers. Thank you for understanding.

Meals on Wheels – Weekends & Holidays

Prior to the weekend, MOW clients will receive two Golden cuisine frozen meals and two cartons of milk. Holiday meals will be delivered prior to the date Mizell is closed for the holiday.

Friday, October 1

Salmon w/Balsamic Sauce, Key Largo Vegetables, Rice Pilaf, Wheat Roll, Diced Pear, and Milk

Monday, October 4

Beef Stew w/Potatoes & Carrots, cauliflower Mix, Wheat Roll, Juice, Yogurt, and Milk

Tuesday, October 5

Green Salad w/ Diced Ham (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Carrots, Shredded Cheese), Wheat Crackers, Mixed Fruit, and Milk

Wednesday,October 6

Swedish Meatballs on Spaghetti Noodles, Broccoli, ‘wheat roll, Diced Peaches, and Milk

Thursday, October 7

Baked Cod, Green Beans, Rice, Wheat Roll, Diced Pineapple, and Milk

Friday, October 8

Chicken Alfredo,Fettuccini Pasta, Capri Vegetables, Garlic Bread, Manfarin Oranges, and Milk

Monday, October 11

Baked Herb Chicken, Roasted Potato, Carrots, Wheat Roll, Juice, Yogurt, and Milk

Tuesday, October 12

Grilled Chicken Salad(Cucumber,Carrots, Tomatoes,Bell Pepper), Whole Wheat Crackers, Diced Peaches , and Milk.

Wednesday, October 13

Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce & Mushrooms,Italian Vegetables, Garlic Bread, Orange, and Milk

Thursday, October 14

Roasted Turkey Sandwich w/Sliced Tomato & Leaf Lettuce, Beet & Garbonzo Salad, Baked Chips, mandarin Orange, and Milk

Friday, October 15

Meat Loaf, mashed Potato w/LS, Gravy, Chuck Wagon Corn, Wheat Roll, Banana, and Milk

Monday, October 18

Cheese Enchiladas w/Red Sauce, Broccoli, Aztec Brown rice, Juice, Yogurt, and Milk

Tuesday, October 19

Chef Salad(Ham,Diced Chicken,Cheese,HB Egg, & Cherry Tomato), Low Sodium Dressing, Wheat Crackers, Banana, and Milk

Wednesday, October 20

Oven Fried Chicken w/ Country Gravy, Potatoes O’Brien, Diced Carrots, Wheat Roll, Orange, and Milk

Thurssday, October 21

Cheese Ravioli w Marinara  Sauce , Cauliflower Mix, Garlic Bread, Diced Pears, and Milk                                

Friday, October 22

Salisbury Steak w/LS Gravy,Roasted Potatoes, 4 Way Vegetable Mix, Wheat Roll, apple, and Milk

Monday, October 25

Hamburger (Beef) w/Sliced Tomato & Leaf Lettuce, Coleslaw, Tater tots, Juice, Yogurt, and Milk

Tuesday, October 26

Chicken Caesar Salad w/Hard Boiled Egg, Parmesan cheese, Croutons, Saltine Crackers, diced Peachesw, and Milk

Wednesday, October 27

Teriyaki Chicken, Asian egetables, Jasmine Rice, Hawaiian Roll, Diced Peaches, Milk

Thursday, October 28

Pork Crumble Mac & Cheese, Edamame, Garlic Bread, Apple, and Milk

Friday, October 29

Salmon, CA vegetable Blend, Rice Pilaf, Wheat Roll, Diced Pears, Milk