Could you or someone you know benefit from having a Case Manager on your side?  At Mizell, our Case Management team assists seniors with accessing community resources and navigating local and government services that can improve your quality of life.

Examples of the services we offer, include:

  • Applications for Medi-Cal, CalFresh (supplemental food assistance program) or in home support services
  • Locating and/or signing up for affordable housing
  • Referrals to affordable housing
  • Applications for Social Security and/or Medicare
  • Locating a doctor/dentist or vision/hearing services
  • Referral to transportation resources
  • Referrals for counseling services·    
  • Completing utility assistance applications
  • Locating low-cost medical equipment

Our services are always free and confidential.  For more information or assistance with services, contact Frank McAlpin at 760-323-5689, ext. 106 or email his at [email protected]

Below are examples of Coachella Valley seniors who have utilized the
Mizell Geriatric Case Management Services

Kim, 69 years old

Immigration, Medi-Cal, Food Stamps, 

Kim visits the Mizell Center on a regular basis to enjoy the weekly planned activities and lunch. Initially, she met with a Case Manager to seek assistance with applying for food stamps. The Case Manager was able to successfully get her approved for that benefit, but during the process, the Case Manager became aware that Kim didn’t have a regular income or medical insurance. 

We helped Kim fill out the necessary forms to receive Medi-Cal insurance and she was approved.  We were not able to be of assistance with SSI forms, since her Permanent Resident (PRC) card had expired.  Her Case Manager connected Kim with a local agency that works in this field and they helped her complete and submit all of the appropriate documentation. The process took months, between supplying the necessary documents, application for services, and attending a briefing at the Immigration office, but in the end, PRC was renewed.  Once Kim received the renewed PRC, she took it to the local Social Security office and was soon approved to receive a monthly SSI benefit and over $4,000 in back benefits that dated back to the time of initial application.

Mizell’s Case Management team didn’t give up when there were road blocks, and continued to follow up with the services they referred her to ensure completion.  With the assistance of her Case Manager, Kim can rest assured now that she has income, medical insurance, enough food to eat, a valid California ID and Permanent Resident card.   


Jesse, 65 years old

Counseling, Medi-Cal, utility assistance, transportation

Jesse was referred to us by through our colleagues in our Senior Nutrition/Meals on Wheels program. Jesse is a low income, homebound senior who needed some assistance with applying for various support services.

We were able to refer him to free behavioral health counseling and helped him complete the paper necessary to apply for Medi-Cal, SunDial transportation services, and utility assistance. 

Jesse was quickly approved for Medi-Cal with “no share of cost,” much to his relief. This helped him tremendously since he was paying a monthly Medicare deductible of almost $200 per month, which put him in dire financial straits.  Concurrently, Jesse was so behind on his Southern California Edison bill that he received a disconnection notice. By helping Jesse with the paperwork, we were able to get him approved for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program through the Community Action Partnership of Riverside County.  They paid Jesse’s entire bill.   

Jesse has resume regular sessions with a professional therapist and his outlook on life is looking a little sunnier these days and he’s better able to cope with issues as they arise. He’s getting around the SunDial bus and doesn’t feel so disconnected from the rest of the world.

With the help of our services, the quality of Jesse’s life has improved and he can rest assured that we are here to help him, going forward.  


Cathy, 74 years old

Counseling, Transportation, Rental Assistance, Utility Assistance

Cathy came to our office seeking help because she was behind on her rent and utilities, she lacked access to transportation and she was struggling to process a loss that she’d recently experienced.

One of our Case Managers was able to assist Cathy with the challenging process of applying for rent and utility assistance and, after a couple of months, her landlord received the missed rental payments and she got caught up on her utilities. We also connected her to quality, no-cost counseling services to help her deal with loss.  

To ensure that Cathy would be able to shop for necessities and get to doctor and therapy appointments, her Case Manager helped her to apply for SunDial and the new SunRide services, available through Sunline. Cathy was overjoyed that she was able to get around town (and beyond) and not have to pay for ride share services– which were severely depleting her already stretched monthly income.

Due to the assistance that Cathy received through our Case Management services, she is now more financially secure, knows that she has a support system, and is more positive about her future. 


Hilda, 79 years old

Housing Services

Hilda was referred to us by the Indio Senior Center. She had been going to the Center for a little while when the staff discovered she was homeless and living in her vehicle. Our Case Management team immediately placed Hilda on waitlists with several homeless services/housing agencies in the Coachella Valley. Unfortunately, due to the demand for housing, it can take years to get to the top of some these waitlists.

Our team kept in close contact with the Indio Police Department to make sure Hilda remained safe, and with the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CVRM) to monitor Hilda’s progress on their housing waitlist. Due to her age and other factors affecting her health, within a few months Hilda was selected to receive a housing voucher through Section 8. 

Hilda moved into her own apartment in Cathedral City and is now settled and stable in affordable housing due to our partnership and collaboration with our service partners.  Hilda still visits the Indio Senior Center and continues to see one of our Case Managers to continue her life on a positive trajectory. 


Rochelle,  75 years old

Rental assistance, In home Support and Transportation Services

Rochelle became aware of our services through her apartment manager.  He saw that  she was struggling, so he suggested she call Mizell Center.  Her apartment manager was aware of our services because our Case Managers have made it a point to visit the Valley’s affording housing complexes and let the property managers know that our Case Management services are available at no cost to seniors who could use a helping hand. 

Rochelle needed help to apply for Medi-Cal, Sun Dial (transportation), Meals on Wheels, Section 8, free counseling, and In- home Supportive Services. The application process for these programs and services is daunting.  Our Case Management team was able to assist her with each of her requests and the required documentation.  Within a very short period of time, she was approved for all of the services – including Section 8.  

These services have been especially helpful to Rochelle because she had become homebound due to living in an upstairs apartment and wasn’t able to carry groceries up and down the stairs. She now receives a meal from Meals on Wheels every day and doesn’t have to worry about carrying heavy groceries up the stairs.

One of the major struggles that Rochelle dealt with was being a rent burdened senior. Meaning, more than 50% of her income was going towards her rent, which left her with very little money for food and other necessities. With the help of our Case Management team, Rochelle was approved for Section 8 and is now paying half of what she was paying towards rent!

Rochelle can now age in place at home since she has a Riverside County caregiver assisting her, along with all of the other services she has received, she is free to live independently and with more peace of mind.